The world’s grossest pyschic prediction comes true

On the morning of Sunday…… *goes to check calendar to see what the bloody date was*…… Sunday 31st August 2008, I as per usual for a Sunday morning these days went to the Cash & Carry in Eastfield, nr Scarborough with my Dad to help get supplies for his shop.

Things were running smoothly right up until the turn right into Thornburgh Road to get to the entrance to the car park. We got there just in time to have to hold on a few secs for a queue of traffic, which just also happened to be around the same time a bloke exercising his Rottweiler was picking up it’s turds from the pavement / grass verge.

The sight of the tennis ball sized bag of rottweiler sh*t (with the plastic bag moulding itself to it) was almost enough to cause me to to come close to seeing my breakfast again, and gave me a few Vietnam style flash backs during most of the rest of the day………. just as we finally got to turn right, I was thinking “you watch…. I bet before the days out, the old git’ll inform me that there’s a bag of sausages for dinner in the shop freezer” (like I really wanted to have sausage after seeing that? particularly as I’d already bought something else on Friday afternoon for Sunday’s dinner…. well, except ended up having that on Saturday instead, and was gonna have what I bought for Saturday’s dinner for Sunday’s dinner instead).

Low and below, sometime after 6pm (I think), guess what he kindly informed me was in the freezer for dinner?

Some new sites from JD…..

In the past month or two, in order to try rake in more advertising dosh from my sites (chance would be a fine thing), I’ve been knocking out a few more websites to try make use of them.

Here’s a couple to keep you going: – A Directory of all the top UK fishing websites in one place, along with a couple of Fishing book Amazon aStores I already had going for one of my existing fishing websites + Ebay Auction listings for fishing items.

JD’s PC Security site – A site to help you keep your PC more secure from the ever increasing annoying little tw*ts threatening your PC’s security & privacy with Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Malware, Spam, Phishing……… and basically try make some use of some of the Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware / Anti-Spam / Anti-Scam oriented Domain Names I snapped up since December 2007 (when I got a little carried away, and snapped up over £650’s worth)

JD’s Top Reads

Just made another Amazon Associates’ Widget…. this time to show off some of my favourite books to read:

UPDATE: 4th September 2008, 8:13pm BST
Zapped the widget from this blog entry, as it was causing the menu on the right side of the BLOG to play silly sods, and appear right the way down at the bottom instead of alongside all these posts.
You can still view the widget HERE, though.

JD’s Favourite Gadgets

I’ve just made an Amazon Associates Widget to show off some of the gadgets I currently want / like……….

I currently want the iPODs, the Fuji Digital Cameras, the Laptop + the Games consoles… apart from the Nintendo DS Lite, as I’ve already got that black one (to replace the original DS you may recall some little wanker stole from me last year!) – I also recently got the DS Lite working on WiFi so I can now play MarioKart DS online over WiFi.

Anyway, here’s the widget:

UPDATE: 4th September 2008, 8:16pm
Removed the widget ‘cos it appears to be the cause of the side menu playing silly sods lately. You can still currently view it at the bottom of THIS page on me main site, though.

BBC News website, and low-energy light bulbs…

They really seem to have it in for them this week…. 5 days into 2008, and already they’ve got 3 news stories up on the site.

Low Energy Light bulbs cause migraines

Low Energy Light bulbs worsen Skin rashes

And now…… Environment Agency issues warnings about how to dispose of the damn things properly (which sounds akin to handling nuclear waste or asbestos)

Personally I’ve never been much of a fan of the things myself… and I remember while round at my Grandma’s one day while her house was being assessed for some low cost energy scheme for old / disabled people (“Warm front” / “Stay warm”?) the bloke going round the house doing it advised they shouldn’t be turned on if you’re going to be in & out the room for an hour or less at a time (or words to that effect), as they use up 10times more energy than a normal bulb for the first hour or so of use.

.. and still the domain name purchases have continued at unabated pace (guess that’s my bank balance f*cked next month)

Yup, I’ve bought more of the buggers… the latest and last being

I also came up with the idea that / might be a good name for a flights website & a good one for selling electronics / gadgets whether I park the domain or otherwise

I lost count at around 85 – 90, but created a full (and regularly updated) list of them here:

Also in addition to SEO services from Submitnet, my site now also has a domain name buying facility via SEDO – as well as the original intention of providing small businesses the opportunity to have a simple “web presence” webpage (which to date hasn’t had a single taker-upper, like the rest of my business).

2k7 Questionnaire

(originally posted to MySpace Bulletins, but it appears to be playing silly sods again there as usual and not showing!)

1) Where did you begin 2007?
In the livingroom watching SKY NEWS, or maybe BBC1 with the old git

2) What was your status by Valentine’s Day?
Bordering teetering on the edge of giving up completely, and thinking all those I wanted to hook up with hated me (pretty much same today, only worse)

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)?

4) How did you earn your money?
Unemployment benefit, a couple extra £££’s helping my grandma on Saturdays…. 2 or 3 small (<£8) wins on the Euromillions lottery, Dividend payments on my share portfolio, a pay-out from product review / surveys / comparison site Ciao, interest payments from the money I’ve got loaned out at ZOPA + a few £££’s earned from running AMAZON ASSOCIATES adverts on my websites.

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
Nope… even despite my back going out on me 2/3 times, cutting my tongue on a knife licking curry off it, hurting my wrist while drying my hands on a tea towel + probably picking up several other stupid but painful injuries I’ve forgotten about.

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
Twice at the end of May / beginning of June when some little twat stole my Nintendo DS Original, NEW Super Mario Bros game cart + my Nokia N-Gage phone.

Random bag check @ York Railway Station during a day trip down there in September.

7) Where did you go on holiday?
Nowhere…. ain’t had a holiday away from home since 1994, and can’t afford one either.

8) What did you pay for that was over $1000?
Nothing, I’ve been largely too skint to buy much all year.

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
Not that I can remember

10) Did you move anywhere?
No (only from my chair here at the computer, to the toilet and back again + to the shops and back, etc lol)

11) What concerts/shows did you go to?

12) Are you registered to vote?
Since 1997

13) Who did you want to win Big Brother?
Couldn’t give a crap about it.

14) Where do you live now?
Same place i’ve lived for the last 28yrs (apart from when I stayed at my Grandparents the first couple of times my Mum had brain tumours)….. flat above the family’s grocery store, just outside Whitby (and it’s marked on GOOGLE EARTH)

15) Describe your birthday.
Light snow / hailstones / forecast heavy showers…… none of my online friends bothered to send me a card / present / wish me happy birthday despite the effort I often go to to send the ones who’ve given me their snail-mail address something – the only one who did have a good excuse was stuck in Hospital in California recovering from major Spinal surgery.
Had about £55-£60 fall out of the cards from family, but it largely went towards trying to bring my bank balance closer towards being back in credit.
It was on 20th March, if anyone cares for future reference.

16) What’s one thing you thought you’d never do but did in 2007?
Start my own business –
but it’s been running since end of September, and the sales figures resemble the Pope’s sex life.

17) What has been your favorite moment?
Apart from getting my Fuji S6500fd (S6000fd) Digital camera, I think this year has largely been a series of kicks in the teeth.

18) What’s something you learned?
That relationships are largely a waste of time (unless anyone reading this wants to prove otherwise).

19) Any new additions to your family?

20) What was your best month?
I don’t think there’s been one

21) What music will you remember 2007 by?

22) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
The usual….. my right hand, and the fluff in my belly button

23) Made new friends?
No, but had plenty of people I thought were my friends kick me in the teeth

24) Best new friend?
Ummm….. nope, not really been seeking out new friends this year, as it’s getting rarer & rarer that I flick through profiles / penpal adverts and come across anyone I click with.
Had a few of my all time favourite online friends get back in touch with me (Christina G, Kat, Melly)……. but also had considerably more turn their backs on me for no good reason / ignore me for long periods of time, despite my best efforts to be “nice” (Catherine Q-T, Alicia, Alissa, Jessie H…..) – when that happens, they invoke the “JD Grudge” (when that’s triggered it can take years to make amends, no matter how hard they beg for forgiveness)….. and makes me even less inclined to bother go looking for replacement friends (the last one i felt any form of connection with was as long ago as 2005 from a Prison penpals website)

25) Favorite Night out?
I never have nights out

More Domain names!?

Early this morning, through ’til just before lunchtime I had the urge to bag a few more domain names:

and finally………

Of course I was laughing and pretty pleased with my purchases until the resuming of this week’s bad luck with getting hurt by some of those I consider my very closest online friends from the past 8yrs I couldn’t live without doing a pretty good job of trying to get struck off my list of people to get Christmas Cards & Presents for 🙁

JD’s Domain name purchasing rampage

Alright, so yesterday (Sunday) I had a bit of an urge to purchase a few extra domain names, and ended up with this little lot:

I think there were 24 of them in total, but I lost count a few times part way through. – I bought because I thought it was funny. Made my ribs hurt like hell. I was originally looking to see if was available, but some bugger had already registered that ‘un and was the funniest alternative (at least at the time).

Some were bought to try nudge some of my existing sites up the search rankings, while the rest were bought to try rake in a few extra quid either by creating yet another website of my own, or by Domain name parking via SEDO.

JD’s now in business

As some of you may know, I’ve now gone into business for myself.
Having been stuck on unemployment benefit since August 2000, and things looking as though I’d stand more chance of seeing Pamela Anderson running naked down the street outside than finding someone to take me on, I figured I may as well finally have a crack at starting my own business.

I was initially considering starting my own computer business, building & tweaking the things…. but that was ruled out when my “project PC” I’m now building this site on had me completely flummoxed as to why the hell it wouldn’t work, and I had to get a relative to finish it off when my previous desktop PC self-destructed from old age last December (2006)… but I can do memory upgrades if anyone wants me to.

I also ruled out selling crap on Ebay full-time due to the fact previous attempts at that have only resulted in the sale of 2 jigsaws, and being stuck with 3 or 4 watches I bought at wholesale off Ebay in the hopes of making a profit on them (anyone wanna buy a watch?).

Eventually I figured that as I was getting really rather good at photography….. especially having bought my first ever digital camera in March 2006, allowing my life-long snap happy tendencies to go totally unleashed, without being restricted by the restrictive number of shots a roll of film can take (and paying a small fortune to have it developped), I may as well have a shot at flogging a few of my pictures…. and maybe do a bit of website design on the side.
Eventually I figured that as I was getting really rather good at photography….. especially having bought my first ever digital camera in March 2006, allowing my life-long snap happy tendencies to go totally unleashed, without being restricted by the restrictive number of shots a roll of film can take (and paying a small fortune to have it developped), I may as well have a shot at flogging a few of my pictures…. and maybe do a bit of website design on the side.

To cut a long story short, it was finally launched as a genuine business on 24th September 2007 under the guidance of the Whitby Business Development Agency, with me having been “conscripted” onto the NEW DEAL 25+ Self-Employment option.

JD’s Photography & Web Design