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The world’s grossest pyschic prediction comes true

On the morning of Sunday…… *goes to check calendar to see what the bloody date was*…… Sunday 31st August 2008, I as per usual for a Sunday morning these days went to the Cash & Carry in Eastfield, nr Scarborough

New drink I’ve tried (or had for first time in ages)….

End of last week I ordered some fizzy drinks (or “soda pop” as you lot over in the US would probably call it) from an online Health food store – (mention my “tell-a-friend reference number”, and they’ll send me

Food X’s Quiz thingy I made a while back…..

The Food X’s Quiz 1) When picking out fruit flavoured sweets, do you opt for: [X] Green (Lime, usually) [] Red (Strawberry or Raspberry) [] Purple (blackcurrant) [] Yellow (Lemon) [] Other: 2) Do you prefer: [X] Peppermints [X] Spearmints

JD’s Egg fried Rice recipe

Egg Fried Rice Ingredients: 1 cup of Rice 1 Onion 2 cloves of Garlic (optional) 1 tin of Spam (optional) 1 Bell pepper (optional) 1 tablespoon of Soya Sauce (optional) 2 – 3 eggs Cooking Oil Kitchen tools needed: 1x