Day: September 4, 2008

Menu / blogroll – a change of plan….

I’ve decided to make the “Top 10 Links” bit in the Blogroll menu into a “Favourite websites by other people” and unlimit the number of sites I add to it…. except it seems the silly person who created this WordPress

The world’s grossest pyschic prediction comes true

On the morning of Sunday…… *goes to check calendar to see what the bloody date was*…… Sunday 31st August 2008, I as per usual for a Sunday morning these days went to the Cash & Carry in Eastfield, nr Scarborough

Some new sites from JD…..

In the past month or two, in order to try rake in more advertising dosh from my sites (chance would be a fine thing), I’ve been knocking out a few more websites to try make use of them. Here’s a