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Get these domain names out of my sight….

You may recall back in December ’07, JD got a smidgeon too carried away snapping up domain names for Domain name investing / Domain name parking purposes…….. and as I’m a bit on the skint side right now as a result, and not quite raking in the amount of money I was hoping for from this, I have this lot available to get shot of (or for “rent”) if anyone’s got a use for them:

Any / all sales shall be handled via SEDO – The World’s leading Domain name market place.

If none of these I have for offer suit, check out:

Menu / blogroll – a change of plan….

I’ve decided to make the “Top 10 Links” bit in the Blogroll menu into a “Favourite websites by other people” and unlimit the number of sites I add to it…. except it seems the silly person who created this WordPress blogging software forgot to include a means to change the name of the categories if you decide to make a decision such as this.

The world’s grossest pyschic prediction comes true

On the morning of Sunday…… *goes to check calendar to see what the bloody date was*…… Sunday 31st August 2008, I as per usual for a Sunday morning these days went to the Cash & Carry in Eastfield, nr Scarborough with my Dad to help get supplies for his shop.

Things were running smoothly right up until the turn right into Thornburgh Road to get to the entrance to the car park. We got there just in time to have to hold on a few secs for a queue of traffic, which just also happened to be around the same time a bloke exercising his Rottweiler was picking up it’s turds from the pavement / grass verge.

The sight of the tennis ball sized bag of rottweiler sh*t (with the plastic bag moulding itself to it) was almost enough to cause me to to come close to seeing my breakfast again, and gave me a few Vietnam style flash backs during most of the rest of the day………. just as we finally got to turn right, I was thinking “you watch…. I bet before the days out, the old git’ll inform me that there’s a bag of sausages for dinner in the shop freezer” (like I really wanted to have sausage after seeing that? particularly as I’d already bought something else on Friday afternoon for Sunday’s dinner…. well, except ended up having that on Saturday instead, and was gonna have what I bought for Saturday’s dinner for Sunday’s dinner instead).

Low and below, sometime after 6pm (I think), guess what he kindly informed me was in the freezer for dinner?

Some new sites from JD…..

In the past month or two, in order to try rake in more advertising dosh from my sites (chance would be a fine thing), I’ve been knocking out a few more websites to try make use of them.

Here’s a couple to keep you going: – A Directory of all the top UK fishing websites in one place, along with a couple of Fishing book Amazon aStores I already had going for one of my existing fishing websites + Ebay Auction listings for fishing items.

JD’s PC Security site – A site to help you keep your PC more secure from the ever increasing annoying little tw*ts threatening your PC’s security & privacy with Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Malware, Spam, Phishing……… and basically try make some use of some of the Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware / Anti-Spam / Anti-Scam oriented Domain Names I snapped up since December 2007 (when I got a little carried away, and snapped up over £650’s worth)