Year: 2007

.. and still the domain name purchases have continued at unabated pace (guess that’s my bank balance f*cked next month)

Yup, I’ve bought more of the buggers… the latest and last being I also came up with the idea that / might be a good name for a flights website & a good one for selling

2k7 Questionnaire

(originally posted to MySpace Bulletins, but it appears to be playing silly sods again there as usual and not showing!) 1) Where did you begin 2007? In the livingroom watching SKY NEWS, or maybe BBC1 with the old git 2)

More Domain names!?

Early this morning, through ’til just before lunchtime I had the urge to bag a few more domain names: and finally……… Of course I was laughing and pretty pleased with my purchases

JD’s Domain name purchasing rampage

Alright, so yesterday (Sunday) I had a bit of an urge to purchase a few extra domain names, and ended up with this little lot:

JD’s now in business

As some of you may know, I’ve now gone into business for myself. Having been stuck on unemployment benefit since August 2000, and things looking as though I’d stand more chance of seeing Pamela Anderson running naked down the street

Pass the ear plugs…….

Just been downstairs to the shop to see if I could find something for today’s lunch (no luck) + see if Postman Pat had been and brought me any mail today…. which he has, but just looks like something from

F***ING THIEVING C**TS!!!!!!!!!

Stolen in a walk-in theft from the flat above the family grocery store on 31st May 2007 between 2:30pm – 4:45pm: 1x Nokia N-Gage mobile phone / Handheld games console (“Classic” version, not “N-Gage QD”) Contained “Nokia Game” MMC memory

Dumbass proof guide on how to fly fish….

It’s a bit of a long & complicated subject, so I’d highly recommend trying to get your hands on a copy of a book called “JOHN BAILEY’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO FLY FISHING” (which is a REALLY good book). Here’s the

If I won £10million on the lottery…….

I been thinking of this rather alot lately, and here’s what I’ve thought up so far…….. £950,000 in my Halifax Websaver account, so if the interest rate stayed at it’s current 4.75% that’d be £45,125 a year interest earned on

Talk about taking ur bloody time…….

Back on August 25th 2006, I ordered a webcam off for my best friend Michelle/Rainn’s birthday in early September, thinking it would arrive quicker that mailing one from here in England. Quicker my ass……. after several e-mails alerting me